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Tips for Success 7 – 12

Supplies for Art (website)

Designate a space for success

​Close access to materials – paper, pens, pencils, computer, well-organized binder, calculator, dictionary, etc.Working space – a well lit desk, the kitchen table, or a cubby at the local library.

Minimal distractions – regulate distractions that would interfere with thinking and processing time. Distractions are siblings or friends that interrupt the learning process, sound distractions such as the television, cell phones, video games, or visual distractions such as busy activity in the vicinity.

Manage time effectively

Daily routine –  The single greatest obstacle to high school students learning is poor time management.  Students must be ones who attend with interest to “truth, beauty, & goodness.”  Children of all ages function well with a predictable routine. Benjamin Franklin was quite profound and accurate when he said, “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise”.

School Timetable (website)

​Time requirements – A regular school day with six or more courses.

​Schedule your week for success too. Plan appointments, community classes, and / or errands after school has finished. Starting first thing in the morning works well for most families. Careful consideration should be given to any activity that takes you out of the house on a consistent basis early in the day. For most families, school would suffer. Should minimally take at least six hours a day. While some days may be less, that should be the exception, not the rule. At Logos, students may complete grade-level work as fast as they would like, however they cannot progress as slow as they would prefer.​

Using resources – Doing ordinary things well is not a magic formula.  Identify what areas you need help in and work with the Logos team to identify the resources that are available to support you.  Surround yourself with people and tools to support you in your educational journey of thinking, communicating, learning, and problem solving.  This takes a lot of time initially learning what the resources are and then implementing them for success, but the process of doing so is just as valuable as the support the resources provide.

Online Curriculum (website)


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