Oregon Promise: FAQ’s

Here are the top three questions coming into the ASPIRE office:

  1. How will applicants be notified if they have been awarded Oregon Promise?
    OSAC will notify students of their award via email, and the information will be available in the student’s profile in the OSAC Student Portal. OSAC will also notify community college financial aid offices via weekly award lists. Colleges include this award information in students’ financial aid award letters.
  2. Can a graduate start in Winter term 2018 instead of Fall 2017 and still get the Oregon Promise?
    Participation in Oregon Promise is limited to students who will begin community college no more than six months after high school completion or GED completion. Logos graduation is 06/02/2017. RCC Winter 2018 term begins on 01/08/2018. That is slightly more than 7 months after high school graduation so it is easy to confuse with the cut-off date.
  3. Is there a number of credits required in order to get the Oregon Promise?
    Yes. You must enroll in at least 6 credits per term to receive Oregon Promise. Oregon Promise covers up to the average cost of 12 credits per term. Students are financially responsible for paying for any additional credits above 12.Oregon Promise awards are based on standard enrollment ranges:

    Credits Attempted Per Term Enrollment Status Oregon Promise Award Amount
    12 or more credits Full time 100% of award
    9-11 credits Three quarter time 75% of award
    6-8 credits Half time 50% of award

    Students receive the same award amount within a given credit range. For example, a student receives the same award amount whether they take 9 credits or 11 credits.

Visit Oregon Student Aid’s website for more information.  https://oregonstudentaid.gov/oregon-promise-faq.aspx

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