Enviro Girls Blog 2017!

After a two month fundraising effort and many days of training, we are finally ready to head off to Emmitsburg, Maryland to compete in the National Conservation Federation (NCF) Envirothon Competition!  We are a single team representing Oregon and will be meeting up with teams from almost every state and province in North America.  What an exciting and experiential opportunity to learn more about issues concerning the conservation of our natural resources!
Thank you all so much for helping us meet our fundraising goal!!! This allows us to be able to participate and represent the State of Oregon in such a renowned event! We could not have done this without you… You may have provided us with donations, resources, raffle items, transportation, skills training, and emotional support and encouragement.  We cannot tell you how grateful we are!
As we travel across the country to train and compete, our team of 5 girls will be taking photographs and sharing their thoughts and experiences on a few social media sites:
*Please follow our journey to and from Maryland on INSTAGRAM @ southern_or_envirothon
*Please follow our WordPress blog @ envirogirls2017.wordpress.com
*Raffle Winners and GoFundMe information as well as team updates can be found at:  logoscharter.com and on the school’s facebook page.
For more information about the NCF Envirothon, please visit this website: https://www.envirothon.org/the-competition/current-competition