Parents, students and the Educational Specialist (ES) collaborate in selecting instructional materials customized to the student’s Personalized Learning Plan. Using Educational Units (EU’s) the school funds the pu6th Grade STEMrchase and implementation of the instructional materials. All instructional materials must be non-sectarian (religious). Non-consumable materials must be returned as courses are completed, at the end of the school year, or upon withdrawal from the school.


Please see your ES for the latest curriculum catalog!


Campus Class Catalog

Students can choose from a variety of on-site classes, including music, art, writing, science, math, history, and more. Payment for classes is deducted from the student’s allotment in educational units (EUs) or in dollars (if EUs have been depleted). Classes are offered for K-6 students in Medford on Friday afternoons at Logos.

2016-17 K-6 Q2 Campus Class Catalog 

2016-17 7-12 Campus Class Catalog

Open campus policy

Logos staff supervises students on the Logos campus (building and property). With an open campus policy, students are allowed to leave and return to campus at will. The Logos staff does not monitor or supervise students who leave campus. Please discuss this with your family and review your expectations.

Logos Vendors

Explore your community for a class, lessons, or tutoring. Learn more here.

Smarter Balanced Testing

Below are some important letters and forms regarding Smarter Balanced testing.

Cover Letter Smarter Balanced

Letter to Parents Regarding Opting Out

Opt Out Form

Staff Contact

Jason Winningham (1)

Jason Winningham

Director of Instruction



Sheryl Zimmerer
K – 6 Principal