Required courses for 7th – 12th grade students

Required Courses

Logos uses the Oregon academic content standards for K – 12 students as a guide to our program. These standards describe the skills and abilities required of an Oregon high school graduate.

Each student develops grade level studies of specific topics that meet the standards. There are multiple opportunities provided by Logos to demonstrate these core competencies based on student aptitudes, attitude and passion.

Standards-based curriculum to accompany these studies can be found in the Logos Curriculum Catalog.​​

Language Arts (reading, writing, listening, speaking)

7th Grade

7-12 Students Standard e-mail viewLiterature
* ​​Read and comprehend literature, including stories, dramas, and poems and informational texts​ independently and proficiently.
* Analyze the elements of a story – characters, setting, plot, theme, point of view, organization, etc. ​

* Write a variety of types of texts – narrative, informative, persuasive, expository (research)
​​ * Use the writing process – Planning, drafting, revising, editing, rewriting
* Cite evidence of sources.​

Speaking & Listening​​
* Present a speech with facts, details, and examples, using appropriate eye contact, adequate volume, and clear pronunciation.​ Respond to others’ questions and comments.
* Listen to others’ presentations and pose questions.

Standards of English
* Demonstrate command of standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking.​​​
* ​Vocabulary development – Determine or clarify the meaning of unknown words using a variety of strategies.

This is not a complete list.​

8th grade

Same as above using increasingly complex texts​​.​


All levels should develop these skills:
​* Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.
* Explain answers.
* Use appropriate tools strategically.
* Attend to precision.

​​7th Grade

​​** Ratios and proportions
** ​​Apply and extend knowledge of fractions – addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
** ​​Draw, construct and describe geometrical figures and describe the relationships between them.
​** Statistics and probability about populations.​

This is not a complete list.

8th Grade

** Irrational numbers
​** Linear equations
** Exponents
** Geometry – Pythagorean theorem, volume
** Statistics and probability ​

8th graders can take Algebra I for high school credit.

​​​This is not a complete list.


High School Science7th grade

​** Gravity, forces, and laws of motion
​** ​ Atoms, elements, and compounds
** ​ R​eproduction, inheritance, phenotypes, genotypes, chromosomes, and genes
** Processes plants and animals use to obtain energy and materials for growth
** Earth’s atmosphere, land forms, resources, and climate change
** S​cientific inquiry
** Engineering design

8th grade

** Periodic Table, the atomic model, states of matter, and physical and chemical properties.
** Physical and chemical changes and the law of conservation of mass.
** Energy transfers, transformations, and conservation.
** Genetics, anatomical characteristics, natural selection, and evolution.
** Gravity, the motion of objects in the solar system, and Earth’s seasons.
** Atmospheric and oceanic movement and the effects on weather and climate, and geologic,climatic, environmental, and life form changes over time.
** Scientific inquiry ​
** Engineering design

Social Science

Soc Studies7th grade
Students will study World History – Eastern Hemisphere. Topics will include history, geography, government, and economics.

8th grade
Students will study U.S. History: 1765 – Reconstruction​. Topics will include history, geography, government, and economics.


healthcare_banner7th & 8th grade students will:
** ​demonstrate refusal skills around the use of alcohol, tobacco, inhalants and other drugs.
​** demonstrate personal health care practices that prevent the spread of communicable diseases.
** learn about healthy eating.
** identify school, home and community resources for mental and emotional health concerns.
** practice effective communication skills to refuse sexual pressures and communicate the consequences of sexual activity.
** learn about a variety of safety issues.

Physical Education

physical-education-new-site7th & 8th grade students will:
** use the mature forms of the basic skills in more specialized sports, dance and activities.
** know when, why and how to use strategies within game play.
​** learn about fitness – the components, assess their personal fitness status and develop individualized fitness goals.
** make appropriate decisions to resolve conflict and practice appropriate problem solving techniques.


8031022_xxl7th & 8th grade students will:
​** create works of art and describe the creative process used.
** use criteria to describe their preferences, critique their own work, describe other works of art.
** compare and contrast works of art from different cultures.

9th - 12th graders - High School Diploma

Grads Standard e-mail view​​In order to graduate from LPCS with an accredited Oregon diploma, students must meet the requirement of 24 credits, demonstrate proficiency in the Essential Skills of math, reading, and writing, and successfully complete a High School Capstone.

Oregon State diploma