7th – 12th Grade

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Logos Public Charter School is an accredited Oregon public school. We facilitate a personalized learning program through a collaborative partnership between the student, family, teacher, school, and community. 

High school students earn an Oregon state diploma.

Weekly 7-12 Newsletter

Meet Our Staff

Meet our staff

Our Educational Specialists (ES) are professional, passionate, and organized educators who we would want coming into our own home and working with our children. Our ESs are trained to communicate with our parents and students about their role in the educational process and to provide individualized help based on your family’s needs. Upon enrollment, requests for a specific ES will be considered, if possible.


Instruction and Curriculum

“The best curriculum out there is the one you will use.”

Customizing an education plan is hard work! It is one thing to make a plan, it is another to implement that plan with excellence. A successful program of study requires a motivated student actively engaged in learning.

Logos provides world class curriculum, teachers, and options unlike most other schools. We have found that the best curriculum out there is the one that you will use.

Required Courses

Required Courses for 7-12th Grade Students

Logos uses the Oregon academic content standards for K – 12 students as a guide to our program. These standards describe the skills and abilities required of an Oregon high school graduate.

Each student develops grade level studies of specific topics that meet the standards. There are multiple opportunities provided by Logos to demonstrate these core competencies based on student aptitudes, attitude and passion.

Community Classes

Community Classes for 7-12th Grade Students

One great way to enrich your student’s education is to enroll in ongoing classes in our community.  You can receive services from people in the community who have talents and passions in a plethora of areas.


At Logos, a student’s results are a tool used by the parents and teacher to show where the student has met grade level standards and to determine areas needing further instruction.

Learn more about Logos student testing here.



You may or may not know what you want to do after high school. Whether you want to be a painter or a doctor, a cosmetologist or a lawyer, a truck driver or a web designer, you will most likely need more schooling or training to successfully reach your career goals. ASPIRE is here to help you get to where you want to go.

College Exploration

College Prep

Logos Scholars

Logos Scholars Early College Program

Looking for motivated, independent, mature, responsible and resourceful students!


Graduation 2016

Graduation is a milestone event in a senior’s life, we are proud of each one of our Logos students that are working and striving toward this goal.


This page is currently under construction.


Tips for success7-12 Student (website)

Academic Resources and Websites

Jackson County Community Resources

Josephine County Community Resources


Staff contact:

Jason Winningham
7-12 Principal